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I'm 20 and I live in TN. Books are my escape from being constantly ill. I mostly blog about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and any new fandom I happen to pick up in the next few months.

I’m easily worth two men!


harry potter is the only thing im good at

brooke davis appreciation week
↬ day one: [favorite scene]
you’ve dug your own grave, now lie in it

Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!





Nature; the most beautiful and serene is often the most ruthless and destructive


Go home, Thor. You’re drunk.



My Sim self in TS4, at least for now!


My Sim self in TS4, at least for now!




#this is not an exaggeration okay #children do say this #children do wonder why they can’t find themselves in the media #don’t fucking tell me it doesn’t matter #it matters so much #children NEED to see themselves represented #or else they grow up feeling inferior and not worthy

Ok I think this is a very valid point but it should be added that THATS NOT WHAT THE KID FUCKING SAID IN THAT SCENE. THAT SCENE IS FROM THE FIRDT EPISODE OF AoS and what he actually said was “I’m ok”, in itself a very powerful line about how poverty affects families, as I recall. If you want to make a point, cite it from a valid source, otherwise nobody will take you seriously no matter how serious the point actually is